How to Raise Tulips

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Tulips are a beautiful flower that grows fairly easy. There is some work involved though.

Moderately Easy


    1. Tulip bulbs do not keep very well so purchase tulip bulbs when you are ready to plant them.
    2. Plant tulip bulbs in the fall when temperatures get down to 50 degrees. This should be 5 or 6 weeks before the first frost. Plant bulbs pointy side up. Plant close together in a row but do not allow bulbs to touch.
    3. Choose a nice spot to plant your tulips. This location should have at least six hours of sunshine. The soil should be loose and maybe een a little on the sandy side. Mix a little organic material into the soil before planting. Soil should be a little on the alkaline side.
    4. Caring for your established tulip bed is real easy. They might need a little water from time to time.
    5. In the fall let plant die down naturally and remove dryed stem. This is a good time to lift bulbs that you do not want there. Dig and dry these bulbs. Keep in a dry cool place til you want to plant them.
    6. Slugs are the biggest demise to a tulip garden. Keep the slugs away.

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