How to Cut Tulips


Freshly cut tulips can add elegance to any home decor. These floral decorations are most widely available from January through April. Cutting and caring for them properly will help them stay fresh for a week or possibly even longer. Unlike many cut flowers, tulips thrive without the help of water additives. They prefer clean, cool water. These flowers are also heavy drinkers. Top off the vase daily, keeping it about one-third full.



Things You’ll Need
  • Knife
  • Vase
    1. Cut stems with flower buds that are still closed or just barely beginning to open. You should only be able to see a hint of color. Do not cut buds that are completely green, as these will refuse to completely open.
    2. Cut the stem with a very sharp knife. Make the cut at a slight angle. This allows the tulip to "drink" water more efficiently. The length of the stem you cut will depend on the height of your vase and your own preference. Generally, cut flowers may be about 5 inches taller than the vase.
    3. Cut off the bottom leaves of each tulip stem. Only allow the leaves that will be above the water level to remain.
    4. Retrim your cut tulips about every three days, or whenever they begin to droop. Unlike most cut flowers, tulips continue to grow in the vase. They will also tend to lean toward the light. Cut another inch off the stem to help them last longer and keep them straighter.

Tips & Warnings

  • Placing your tulips in a clean vase with minimal bacteria will ensure that they last longer.

  • Keep your tulips away from sources of heat. They prefer cool areas.

  • Avoid pairing tulips with daffodils. Placing them in the same vase will shorten the life of your tulips.

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