Parrot Tulip Varieties

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  • Parrot tulips are named for their bright colors and feathery blooms. The flower measures between 30 and 70 cm and should be planted at least 15 cm in the ground . Parrot tulips come in thousands of varieties; however, most are too rare to acquire for your home. Since parrot tulips have been bred from other tulip mutations, their flowering period could extend to late spring. Each variety of parrot tulips is named after its distinct coloring.

Apricot Parrot

  • The apricot parrot tulip is bright apricot with some pink striping. A hint of ivory can also be found around the bloom. This variety is a warm addition to a home during cold or dark days.

Black Parrot

  • The black parrot variety is possibly the most eye-catching. With a violet and black bloom, the black parrots have ruffled petals that are the darkest of any flower available and are ideal in cut flower arrangements.

Blue Parrot

  • The mauve-blue "feathers" of the blue parrot stand atop a slender green stem in elegant contrast. As a cut flower arrangement, possibly alongside the black parrot, the blue parrot tulip can change the ambiance of any room.

Erna Lindgreen

  • The stark brilliant red petals of the Erna Lindgreen should be considered a direct rival to any other red flower, including the ever-present rose. Although one of the more popular varieties of parrot tulips, some parts of the Erna Lindgreen are highly poisonous if ingested and may also cause skin irritations.

Estella Rijnveld

  • The Estella Rijnveld has a stark contrast of red and creamy white coloring. To bring out the full beauty of this variety, plant the Estella Rijnveld in large quantities in a small area. This will accentuate the contrasting colors.


  • The fantas parrot tulip has a bright pink color with green and white streaks. The fantasy parrot is among the late blooming varieties.

Flaming Parrot

  • The flaming parrot tulip gets its name from the yellow and red coloring of its petals. It is also known as a Texas flame.

Orange Favorite

  • The orange favorite is named for its bright orange coloring. This variety of parrot tulip is ideal as an autumn centerpiece, especially if coupled with the flaming parrot or other autumn-colored flowers.


  • The rococo parrot tulip has a fire-red color with hints of green and yellow. Plant this variety in a garden to add an exotic touch.

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