Late Blooming White Tulips

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  • Among the many types of tulips there are out there, of the late blooming varieties, there is only one pure white tulip. Commonly known as the Maureen tulip, this tulip blooms in late spring and finishes off the tulip-blooming season. The Maureen tulip is a good choice for warmer climate gardens and can tolerate and adapt to many different soil types.


  • The Maureen tulip is a fast-growing single tulip. With one bloom per stem, the Maureen tulip grows to a height of 26 to 28 inches at maturity. The blooms of this tulip have a tight, egg-like shape and are commonly used with other tulips in cut flower arrangements.

Growth and Care

  • Maureen tulips prefer average, well-drained soil and full to partial sunlight for at least eight hours per day. These tulips grow best if their single bulbs are spaced 5 inches apart and planted at least 6 inches deep. The best time to plant Maureen tulips is in the fall, and they will bloom in late spring.

Pests and Prevention

  • A common pest of tulips is green peach aphids. These little pests settle on the underside of the tulips leaves, along the stem and even settle on stored tulip bulbs, causing the leaves of the tulip plant to curl and eventually causing death of the tulip or causing the stored bulbs to begin to rot. Throwing out infected stored bulbs will do away with the aphids. Spraying the tulip plants with a garden hose may cure the aphid infestation. For severely infected plants, using an insecticide such as Malathion will do the trick.

    Another common pest that harms tulips is slugs. These fat, shell-less pests can grow to a length of 5 inches and may be yellowish white, gray, black or brown. Slugs will eat holes in the leaves of tulips, especially the young tulip shoots. Slug infestations can be cured by spraying or dusting the soil around the tulips with metaldehyde or by using metaldehyde pellets. Placing a pan of grape juice or beer close to the tulips will attract the slugs and drown them.

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