Facts on Yellow Tulips


Tulips originated in Persia and Turkey. By the 17th century, they had spread throughout Europe, particularly in The Netherlands. Yellow tulips once symbolized unrequited or hopeless love, but their meaning has evolved over time.


  • There are many varieties of yellow tulips, including double early, single early, triumph, double late, single late, Darwin, lily flowered, parrot, Rembrandt, fringed, viridiflora, kaufmanniana, fosteriana and greigii, according to the website Doug Green’s Flower Garden Bulbs.


  • Although many varieties of tulips are among the first blooms of spring, not all yellow tulips are early bloomers. Darwin and parrot yellow tulips bloom mid-season, while lily flowered and fringed yellow tulips bloom later, according to Doug Green’s Flower Garden Bulbs.


  • Yellow tulips symbolize cheerful thoughts and convey the message that there’s "sunshine in your smile," according to the website Living Arts Originals. Yellow tulips are often incorporated into Easter arrangements to welcome springtime. They are also often sent when a baby boy is born.

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