Tulip Poplar Pests


Unlike the name suggests, tulip poplar trees are neither tulips nor poplars. The fast-growing tree is actually a part of the magnolia family that produces large, tulip-shaped yellow flowers. Because of their large size at maturity, tulip poplars are used ornamentally as well as for furniture and construction.


  • The most common pest to the tulip poplar tree is the aphid, which really does not damage the tree at all. According to the USDA, the pests most likely to harm a tulip poplar are the yellow-poplar weevil, nectria canker and fusarium canker.


  • Deers and other grazing animals may feed on the bark of the tree or trample the seedlings as they grow, affecting future growth.


  • Heart rot and stem canker are two common fungi that can affect the tulip poplar. The diseases may cause the tree to die; however, it is more likely that the tree will survive but the quality of the wood will suffer.

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