How to Trim Dead Tulips

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Tulips are much more than a symbol of spring. They originated in Central Asia and were actively bred in Persia in the 12th and 13th centuries. The 16th century saw them transported to Europe where they have been cultivated ever since. Tulip bulbs are known as "biocomputers." They never really go dormant but are always monitoring the environment. Once your tulips have stopped blooming, the bulb uses energy to create seed. To conserve the plant’s energy, trim the dead blooms in a timely manner.



Things You’ll Need
  • Garden shears
    1. Take hold of the dead flower head with one hand.
    2. Cut the flower head from the stem, using your other hand.
    3. Toss the flower head into a compost pile or green waste disposal bin.

Tips & Warnings

  • Let the foliage remain on the tulip stem until it turns yellow, then pull it away from the bulb gently.

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