Purple & White Tulip Centerpieces

tải xuống

Purple, a color often associated with royalty, pairs with pure white to create stunning centerpieces for any occasion. Dress up formal centerpieces with crystal accessories or dress down informal centerpieces with polka-dot ribbons.


  • Formal centerpieces for galas, charity functions and weddings are complemented by the mysterious and noble shades of purple mixed with classic, crisp white. Use sterling silver vases or urns and accent with crystal table scatters. Surround the vessels with votives and tea lights in shades of purple to add light and dimension to the centerpiece.


  • Cheerful or cheeky centerpieces with brightly colored painted pots or galvanized metal buckets create informal appeal for picnics, casual dinners or informal wedding receptions. Accent the buckets or planters with polka-dot or gingham ribbon in shades similar to the purple tulips, or contrast the shades of purple with bright yellow dots and stripes.


  • Use artificial tulips for inexpensive centerpieces when tulips are out of season, or to achieve a specific shade of purple. Add shimmery glitter or iridescent sprays to the centerpieces, or paint a silvery sheen over the leaves and blossoms. Use a mix of vessels with crystals or stones since water isn’t required.

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