Hill Country ‘vines and wines’ overview to be offered Aug. 12

Hill Country ‘vines and wines’ overview to be offered Aug. 12

Extension program in San Antonio ‘snapshot’ of area wine industry

SAN ANTONIO – An introduction to the Texas wine-grape and wine industry will be the focus of the upcoming “Vines and Wines of the Texas Hill Country” presentation by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

The program will be from 1-4 p.m. on Aug. 12 in Suite 208 of the AgriLife Extension office for Bexar County, 3355 Cherry Ridge Dr., in northwest San Antonio.

“The Texas grape and wine industry contributes over $1.3 billion to the Texas economy, and wines produced nearby are receiving many national awards,” said Penny Adams, AgriLife Extension Hill Country viticulture advisor and program presenter.

The Texas Hill Country has more than 60 wineries and more than 700 acres of commercial vineyards, with the potential for much more, Adams said, adding the region has been ranked by Orbitz as second only to Napa as the fastest wine-growing destination in the U.S.

“The program will provide a ‘snapshot’ of the Hill Country’s grape and wine industry, along with some of the pros and cons of becoming part of the industry,” she said.

For those interested in establishing a commercial vineyard or winery in the Hill Country, the program will serve as a ‘primer’ for a more in-depth Hill Country “Prospective Wine-Grape Grower Workshop” to be held Nov. 18 at the AgriLife Extension office in Fredericksburg, Adams noted.

“Tough Texas growing conditions create more challenges for prospective commercial grape growers than most top-wine-producing areas of the world,” she said. “And winery establishment and management require a large commitment of time and money, so it’s not something you want to go into without doing your homework.”

David Rodriguez, AgriLife Extension agent for horticulture in Bexar County, will host the program.

“This is the first time this program has been offered in Bexar County, and we’re looking forward to bringing this interesting and informative program to the residents in and around this county,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez the program costs $10, and those interested in attending should contact Angel Torres at the AgriLife Extension office in Bexar County, 210-467-6575 or matorres@ag.tamu.edu.


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