Varieties of White Flowering Dogwood Trees


  • Dogwood trees grow well in most parts of the United States, and are beloved by landscapers because of the beautiful flowers they produce in the spring. They’re also picturesque during the fall, when their green leaves become vibrant orange and red before dying and falling off. Different dogwoods produce flowers of varying colors, but there are several varieties that blossom in white.

Flowering Dogwood

  • Also called the Cornus florida, this tree blooms white flowers early in the spring; some varieties also bloom in pink. The tree is susceptible to a leaf-eating fungus called anthracnose, which can eventually kill the tree.

Kousa Dogwood

  • The Kousa dogwood blooms later than the flowering dogwood, but also produces milky white flowers. This beautiful tree produces small berries that attract all different kinds of birds. It is also resistant to anthracnose.

Chinese Dogwood

  • A cousin of the Kousa dogwood, the Chinese dogwood also produces attractive, creamy, white flowers late in the spring. The flowers on this tree are slightly larger than the Kousa dogwood; but like it, the Chinese dogwood is anthracnose-resistant.

Rutgers Hybrids

  • In the 1960s, researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey developed a hybrid of the flowering dogwood and the Chinese dogwood. The result was a tree that flowered earlier in the spring, but was resistant to anthracnose. Rutgers hybrids grow flowers that are white or soft pink.

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