Different Varieties of Flowering Dogwood


The Western North Carolina Nature Center considers the flowering dogwood one of America’s most popular ornamental trees. The flowering dogwood is a plant indigenous to the eastern region of the United States.


  • The flowering dogwood is a deciduous plant that can be raised as a tree or a shrub, often achieving heights of up to 20 feet. It is considered a spring blooming plant that produces clusters of flowers that come in a colors such as yellow, rose, pink and white.

Abundant Blooming Varieties

  • The Cloud 9 is a prolific bloomer and can achieve heights of up to 15 feet and widths of 20 feet. The Cherokee Chief has red- to rose-colored flowers and can reach widths and heights of up to 20 feet.

Types with Variegated Foliage

  • The Pink Flame has leaves that are yellowish and white, with pink bract flowers (bracts are petals at the base of a flower). The Welchii dogwood has leaves that are green and edged with white, and has white flower bracts. The Rainbow dogwood has leaves with golden yellow borders and white flower bracts.

Growing Dogwoods

  • Flowering dogwoods are considered relatively easy to grow. However, they do require generous amounts of water during the warm months. Flowering dogwoods do not like full sun, but prefer to be grown in areas where there is filtered light to partial shade.


  • The credit for discovering the flowering dogwood is given to William Bartram, who discovered the tree near Mobile, Alabama, in about 1773.

Fun Fact

  • According to Treehelp.com, the flowering dogwood is the official tree of the state of Virginia.

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