Life Span of a Flowering Dogwood


The life span of a flowering dogwood tree is relatively short in comparison to other flowering trees in its class. With a maximum height of 40 feet at 20 years of growth, the flowering dogwood tree grows approximately 2 feet a year.


  • The flowering dogwood tree (Cornus florida) is found in the mid- to eastern United States. The life span depends on several factors, including soil acidity, access to plenty of water and limited cold exposure.


  • The flowering dogwood tree is known for its small flowers, small red berries and beautiful fall-colored foliage prior to losing its leaves in the winter.

Expert Insight

  • Flowering dogwood trees are not drought-tolerant but are happy enough in either sun or shade.


  • The flowering dogwood’s bark was previously used by American Indians for medicinal purposes; however, dogwood is now purely for ornamental usage.

Fun Fact

  • The flowering dogwood tree is the state flower for North Carolina.

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