Dwarf Pink Flowering Dogwoods


Dwarf dogwood is a perennial tree or shrub that also is known by names such as Canadian dwarf cornel and bunchberry and comes from the Cornaceae family. The flowers of the dwarf dogwood range from white to pinkish purple. You can find dwarf dogwood in North America, Canada, Greenland and Asia.

Soil Conditions

  • Dwarf dogwood enjoys soil that is well drained. It often appears thriving in soils around or near forests. Dwarf dogwoods thrive in soil that is loamy, has a generous amount of organic material such as compost, and is a little acidic.

Blooming Schedule

  • The dwarf dogwood usually grows stems in late spring, but its blooms do not appear until the summer months of May through July. It also grows berries, which continue to exist even in the cold winter months, making this tree/shrub an ideal year-round plant.

Flowers and Fruit

  • Dwarf dogwoods have four clustered leaves that often are mistaken for petals because they collectively resemble a flower. The pink, purple, green and white range of the "petals" are attached to stems that grow up to 8 inches tall. The dwarf dogwood also bears bright red berries.


  • The dwarf dogwood is considered an endangered plant in Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Ohio.

Sun or Shade

  • You will make your dwarf dogwood happy if you plant it in an area of your yard with access to a little sun and a little shade. If your dwarf dogwood experiences direct sun or full shade, then it will not grow to its highest potential.

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