How to Plant a Daylily


Working in the garden is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Planting daylilies or any other plant shouldn’t be stressful or confusing task.
In this article follow this few simple steps on how to plant your daylilies and remember your daylily plant likes the sun so keep this in mind when choosing the area to plant in. Then in a few short weeks you’ll be able to see your beautiful plants start to grow. How rewarding!
Daylilies are a perennial plant meaning they will return each year for several years to come. Very hardy, dependable and are also able to withstand some of the harshest environments including droughts. Keep in mind though your plant will still need to be watered throughout the season.



Things You’ll Need
  • daylily plant(s)
  • gardening gloves (optional)
  • garden hand shovel
  • organic matter
  • garden water hose


  • 1. Space plants apart; spacing varies according to variety.
  • 2. Dig a hole 12" deep and add organic matter.
  • 3. Create a cone of soil in the planting hole and place the daylily on top. Daylily roots are fibrous and need to be spread out when planting.
  • 4. Plant with the crown one inch below the soil surface. See fig A for reference.

  • 5. Firm the soil and water thoroughly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Daylily plants come in a wide range of sizes; General guidelines for spacing plants: Small Flower: 16-24" Large Flower: 18-30"

  • Spring and fall are the best planting times. Daylilies require little special care to perform well, but with some extra attention they can be truly spectacular.

  • An early and late season feeding keeps them going strong. Feed twice a year, once in spring prior to blooming and again a few months later during the blooming season.

  • Mulch once in summer to conserve moisture and again in with for protection from freezing.

  • To encourage increased flowering, deadhead to remove spent blossoms that don’t drop off on their own.

  • Cut off the scapes at ground level when blooming stops, taking care not to damage the crown.

  • Daylilies prefer full sun and well drained areas, neutral to lightly acidic soil. Some varieties benefit from partial shade.

  • Be careful to never cover the crown (see diagram fig A above)

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