Why Daylilies Won’t Bloom


Daylilies are often considered to be the perfect perennial. They need very little care once they are established, and are beautiful in almost any application. Whether you plant your lilies as a border or as a dedicated bed, they will give you years of beautiful blooms.


  • Divide daylilies once every three to five years. Daylilies will stop blooming if there’s overcrowding.


  • Daylilies require at least 6 full hours of direct sunlight to bloom to their potential, although afternoon shade will protect the colors of certain species from fading.


  • Daylilies thrive in moist, rich, well drained soil, therefore they will not bloom as well if they are planted where they will stay waterlogged. They also will not bloom as well in hard clay soils that are continually dry.


  • If the soil has too much nitrogen, the daylilies will have more foliage and less blooms. This often occurs when they are fed with a fertilizer that contained too much nitrogen.

Time Frame

  • Dividing your daylilies too late in the fall can cause them to be damaged by the cold winter temperatures. The damaged roots will not bloom and may take several seasons to recover.

Planting depth

  • Daylillies should be planted at the correct depth, which is at soil level, or no more than 1 inch below the soil level. If daylilies are planted too shallow, they can freeze in the winter. If planted too deeply, they will not bloom.

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