What to Do If Daylilies Aren’t Blooming

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Daylilies are known as the perfect perennial because of their ability to tolerate fairly harsh conditions, in a variety of climates. These flowers come in a wide array of beautiful colors, sizes and shapes. If you have planted daylilies but are not seeing any blooms, there are a few things to check and adjust before calling it quits on this hardy flower.


  • In order to thrive, daylilies require full sunlight. Even if the shade is temporarily caused from a neighboring bush or tree, it may affect the daylilies’ ability to bloom. Plant the daylilies in a location that gets a minimum of six hours of daily sunlight, and they should produce a bumper crop of blooms.


  • If daylilies become too crowded, they need to be divided, otherwise they will produce smaller blooms or will slow down their blooming, using the energy to compete for space instead. Unfortunately, if daylilies are divided during (or right before) a hot summer, the root system will not establish properly and they might not bloom. Ideally, these low-maintenance flowers need to be divided in the fall, but well before the first frost, to allow the roots to establish.


  • Daylilies may slow down or stop producing flowers if they are too close to aggressive root systems like trees and shrubs. Not only is there an increased chance of these plants shading the daylilies, but their roots will make the daylilies’ roots compete for nutrients.

The Right Variety

  • Finally, it is possible to have the wrong type of daylily for your climate. Not all daylilies are created equal, and a variety suited for southern climates will not thrive in the north because, unlike their northern counterparts, the southern cultivars are not equipped to handle freezing temperatures and may become damaged in the fall. Once damaged, they might recover the following season but most likely not enough to bloom. Before planting your daylilies, make sure they are suited for your region.

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