Do Daylilies Spread or Will They Stay in One Clump?


With over 60,000 registered cultivars, you can find daylilies in all colors and patterns to fit your garden needs. Daylilies are perennials and grow in clumps that—if given the right growing conditions—increase in size. However—besides the Tawny daylily—most varieties will not spread across your yard or garden.


  • Daylilies grow in fans consisting of leaves, a crown and roots. Gardeners refer to three or more fans growing together as a clump.


  • Some daylily varieties produce seeds when their flowers are pollinated; these seeds can germinate and produce new plants. However, daylilies reproduce mainly by asexual reproduction. This means that a new node grows on an existing plant and then takes root, forming a new fan that is a genetic clone of the parent plant.


  • If they are healthy and receive enough light, water and nutrients, daylily clumps should develop new fans throughout the summer. After a few years, the clumps may be big enough to divide and transplant to another area of your garden. Fall is the best time for transplanting daylilies.

Tawny Daylily

  • Unlike most daylily varieties, the Tawny daylily will spread across your garden with ease.

    The Tawny or Roadside Orange daylily—easily identified by its color—is notoriously prolific and will spread throughout your garden. Because of its ability to spread, it is sometimes considered a weed.

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