Sun & Shade for the Daylily


From ruffled edges to dark center eyes, daylilies feature startling hues and tones from yellow to reds to purples and in between. Proper sun light ensures the best blooming to showcase these unselfish perennials.


  • With more than 20,000 registered varieties, daylilies provide many options for your garden. From double flowers to spider-like petals and the full range between, the flowers offer a daily delight. Different varieties bloom at different times of the year, ranging from late spring through mid summer. Others even re-bloom, offering a flush of flowers about six weeks apart.

Garden Placement

  • With deep green strap-like leaves, daylilies provide a beautiful backdrop even when not in bloom. Taller varieties provide an excellent back row to smaller flowers. Small dwarf versions make beautiful edging along walkways. Daylilies also make excellent naturalized areas where they are left alone to multiply and clump.

Light Requirements

  • Daylilies, for optimum blooming, require at least six hours of sun daily. In hot climates, such as Florida or Texas, late afternoon shade shelters these flowers from the hottest part of the day. The more sun they receive, the more watering these plants require. More shade lessens the quantity of blooms. Full shade will produce lots of beautiful foliage, but few blooms.

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