When Can I Divide & Move My Daylilies?


Because they are so easy to grow and maintain, daylilies are among a top favorite in gardens. To keep the perennial blooming for years to come, it will require dividing, but that, too, is an easy form of maintenance.

How to Divide

  • According to the University of Florida Extension Service website, daylilies should be divided immediately after a flowering season. Use a shovel to dig up the clump, taking care not to damage the roots. Examine the plant for the number of divisions and use a clean, sharp knife to cut the clump just above the crown. A small clump can be divided by hand.

When to Divide

  • Because divisions bloom so sparsely in the first year of planting, daylilies typically do not need dividing until about the fourth or fifth year. Two key indicators of the appropriate time to divide are when the clumps become visibly crowded or blooms become scarce.


  • After dividing, move and plant the daylily clumps in a new bed. The site should contain loose soil that is at least 1 foot deep. It should be set about as deep as it was grown.

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