Daylilies That Bloom Continuously


  • Daylilies are easy-care perennial flowers that come in a stunning array of colors, color patterns, forms and sizes. Reblooming daylilies will send out more than one flush of flowers during the growing season. Everblooming daylilies rebloom repeatedly throughout the summer — sometimes until the first frost — with little or no time between flushes of bloom. Support daylily rebloom, limited in the North by shorter growing seasons, by fertilizing several times during the growing season and by dividing clumps every few years.

"Stella D’Oro"

  • The first successful everblooming daylily developed, this 1985 Stout Medal winner was bred by Walter Jablonski in the early 1970s. "Stella" has yellow-gold flowers and a bloom period that lasts until frost, provided that you remember to deadhead spent flowers before they develop seedpods. This petite daylily stands just 14 inches tall, starts blooming in mid-spring and reblooms from late spring until fall. Plants go dormant in fall when vegetation dies back, enhancing its hardiness.

"Happy Returns"

  • Dr. Darrel Apps selected this lemon yellow everbloomer out of many hybrid daylily crosses made with "Stella D’Oro," discovering a small true-yellow daylily with impressive reblooming characteristics. "Happy Returns" has been immensely popular ever since for good reason. It starts blooming very early in the season and keeps going until frost.

"Rosy Returns"

  • This hardy, very vigorous rose-pink daylily is another in the Apps line. Flowers are large, from 4 to 6 inches across, with yellow-green throats and wide purple eyezones. Each bloom stem features 12 to 15 buds. Plants, with robust deep green foliage, start blooming in mid-spring and continue reblooming until frost.

"South Seas"

  • This coral-tangerine, ruffled stunner achieves its lengthy mid-spring bloom period with multiple flower scapes or stems, each of those producing 30 to 35 buds. Very vigorous plants flower abundantly again during a later repeat bloom. "South Seas" produces up to 500 large 5- to 6-inch flowers per bloom.

"Going Bananas"

  • This true everblooming daylily produces large, ruffled, lemon yellow flowers continuously from early summer well into fall. Plants produce prolific numbers of flower scapes, each with 15 or more buds.

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