Slug Damage on Daylilies


Daylilies experience few problems with diseases or insect pests, but slugs do present an issue. Follow good care and maintenance programs to reduce the likelihood of slug damage on your daylilies.


  • Slugs most often cause problems with daylilies during the springtime. Slugs enjoy eating the new, tender growth on plants during this period.


  • Slugs feed on leaves, causing the appearance of ragged cuts on the edges. Some leaves may have holes eaten out from the center as well. A telltale sign is the slimy trail slugs leave behind as they move. You will likely not see any slugs upon examination because they only come out to feed at night.


  • Control slug damage on your daylilies by removing any leaf or plant debris near your plants. Slugs hide in areas such as this during the day. Failure to correct a slug problem results in serious damage and even plant death.

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