Ever Flowering Daylilies


  • The botanical name for daylilies, Hemerocallis, means " blooms for a day." As a rule, daylilies open for only a brief period and then the delicate flowers fade. For enthusiastic daylily lovers, the prospect of a daylily that blooms for longer is enticing. Everblooming varieties are now available that bloom from late spring until the first frost.

Stella De Oro

  • Walter Jablonski developed the everblooming Stella De Oro in the 1970s. This daylily is the first to bloom each season and the last to stop flowering. The dwarf-sized daylily grows in a compact pattern that does not become leggy like other daylilies. The flowers are yellow as are most of the everblooming varieties. The hardy plant tolerates a variety of conditions. It can achieve a second round of blooming after summer if the fall is mild. Ruby Stella is a red variety of this everbloomer, and Mini Stella is an even smaller version.

Happy Ever Appster

  • Happy Ever Appster is the first line of everblooming daylilies. Developed by Dr. Darrell Apps, the first cultivar was Happy Returns, a yellow hybrid that bloomed from spring until autumn. The daylilies participated in numerous trials that show them to bloom continuously for 105 days. Following Happy Returns were several derivations in dwarf form and different colors. Apricot Sparkles is a fluted-edged flower of a soft orange color. Red Hot Returns was the result of experimentation upon 350,000 seedlings and 15 years of work. The result was a red hemerocallis that had everblooming capacity and a stunning color that hadn’t been previously achieved. Rosy Returns is a splendid pink daylily from the same stock.

Separate Cultivars

  • Everblooming Doll is a yellow daylily with large flowers about 3 1/2 inches wide. The flowers open for one day but the plant repeat blooms all season. Forsyth Lemon Drop is a continuous blooming, sunny-yellow flower that opens in the evening. Lemon Lollipop, Yellow Lollipop, Lavender Mist and Lemon Cap are all considered continuous bloomers. Each daylily has different bloom times, heights and flower sizes. The unassuming foliage makes them less appealing when not in bloom but they serve as excellent companion plants in perennial borders.

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