What are the Longest Blooming Daylilies?


  • Daylilies bloom in mid-July through August, and some varieties produce as late as mid-fall. The blooms of daylilies last only one day, from early morning until late evening. The flower produces blooms in a wide range of colors with the sole exception of blue. Daylilies provide bursts of color in gardens across the country in the heat of summer, doing well in full sun to partial shade and in a variety of soil types.

Judith – Family: Hemerocallidaceae Genus: Hemerocallis

  • Judith Daylily is a large plant, 16 to 24 inches tall, boasting an abundance of pink nonfragrant blossoms 4 to 5 inches in diameter. The plant blooms 40 to 150 days each year on long straight stems 22 to 32 inches tall. Judith Daylily requires little care and does best in full sun.

Bitsy – Family: Hemerocallidaceae Genus: Hemerocallis

  • An early season bloomer that is one of the longest blooming daylilies, the plant produces nonfragrant, bright yellow blooms less than 3 inches in diameter and surrounded by semi-evergreen foliage 12 to 20 inches tall. Bitsy Daylily prefers full sun but does well in partly shady areas.

Leebea Orange Crush – Family: Hemerocallidaceae Genus: Hemerocallis

  • Leebea Orange Crush is very attractive for mass planting. The plant has 14- to 20-inch semi-evergreen foliage with blue-green shading that is uniform in shape. Leebea Orange Crush foliage sports 20- to 26-inch tall orange blooms with slightly darker coloring at the base of the bloom. The flowers are orange and red-orange and slightly fragrant. The plant is an early mid-season bloomer, producing flowers more than 4.5 inches in diameter. Leebea Orange Crush thrives in full sun and does well in partial shade.

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