The Best Performing Daylilies


  • Daylilies are a unique species of blooming-plants that produce ornamental flowers that last for one day. They are an easy-growing plant with several species, varieties and forms that can be successfully cultivated in most regions of the U.S. Select a daylily that matches the growing conditions of your area and one that provides optimal pleasure for the least effort. Look for daylilies that have won awards, such as the Stout Silver Medal or Award of Merit by the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS). AHS usually recognizes daylilies that have proven adaptability to various climates and perform well. Regional members of AHS rank the best performing and most beautiful daylilies grown in their areas on Popularity Polls with results available to the public.

J.T. Davis

  • J.T. Davis received the 2010 Stout Silver Medal by the AHS. It’s the most distinguished award the association presents cultivars. It produces pale yellow blooms with a shadow of light pink and gold ruffled edging. Its showy, aromatic flowers span about 5 inches. J.T. Davis blooms in mid-season (i.e., May in Southern regions and July in Northern ones) and grows up to 24 inches tall when fully mature. This daylily is also a re-bloomer—blooming more than once during a season. It’s a hardy daylily that adapts well to growing conditions in most regions of the U.S. Plant it in areas of full sun or those that receive sun to partial shade and moist soil.

Primal Scream

  • Primal scream is an ornamental daylily with 7.5-inch brilliant orange flowers that have green throats. It’s a mid-to-late season bloomer (about May to June in the South and July to August in the North). The flowers are the unusual form of crispate-cascade, which have curled-down petals with crinkled-edging. Primal scream can reach up to 32 inches tall when full grown. It’s ranked among the best performing daylily by AHS Popularity Polls in 2008 and 2009, because of its overall beauty and ability to cultivate it in most parts of the U.S. Plant it in areas that receive full or partial sun exposure in well-drained soil.

Ruby Spider

  • Regional members of the AHS rank ruby spider as a top performing daylily in most regions of the country, according to 2008 and 2009 AHS Popularity Poll cumulative results. It produces very large 9-inch blooms of the unusual spatulate form that have a star-like shape. Flowers are deep red with a bright yellow throat. It flowers early usually in (April in the extreme South to June in the North). Mature ruby spider stands 34 inches tall. Ruby spider is a strong growing lily that can tolerate various soil conditions, although do best in areas that receive at least six hours of daily sunlight.

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