Daylilies in Michigan


  • Plant daylillies and enjoy them for years to come. Most of Michigan falls into zone 5 of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s plant hardiness zone map, so plant any type of daylily for this zone in your garden. Hemerocallis, the plant’s scientific name, come in a variety of colors. Several societies dedicated to daylilies exist in Michigan, where new fans of the flower can get advice and growing tips.

Choosing Daylilies

  • Michigan’s growing climate is diverse. Summers are hot and dry, while parts of Michigan experience up to 90 inches of snow in winter. Daylilies planted in Michigan must be vigorous to flourish and bloom each summer. The American Hemerocallis Society advises those seeking daylilies for their gardens to consider other factors besides color. In Michigan, consider whether the particular daylily variety fades in hot sun. Suitable daylilies should be climate compatible, and grow stronger every year.

Planting Daylilies

  • Daylilies prefer full sun and well-drained soils. While they can tolerate some shade, certain colors such as pinks and yellows need full sun for flowers to bloom for best effect. Red and purple varieties do better in partial shade than the lighter colors. Plant each daylily from 18 to 24 inches apart. If planting more several colors or varieties, the American Hemerocallis Society advises labeling the plants. Water the plants regularly, especially deep watering, which goes from 8 to 10 inches into the soil rather than more shallow surface watering.

Michigan Daylilies

  • Daylilies range in price according to color and rarity. Choose among hundreds of cultivars suited for Michigan gardens. Those looking to add yellow to the garden might plant Happy Returns, Faces of A Clown or Honeyed Popcorn. Red choices include Fire and Fog, Flameburst, James Marsh or My Ways. Purples include Siloam Plum Tree, Star of India, Ten to Midnight and Unfolding Paradox. Put orange in the garden with Tuscawilla Tigress, Raspberry Winter, Double Dribble and Apricot Jade. Multicolored cultivars include Dream Legacy, Delta Blues, Eye-Catching and Courts of Europe. Many of these daylilies look as exotic as their names.

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