How to Divide Stella de Oro Daylilies

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Few perennials are as rewarding to grow as Stella de Oro daylilies. These trouble-free plants with their prolific, golden-yellow flowers are one of the most popular daylilies of all time, according to the University of Vermont. Grow them in full sun or light shade. Their small size, 12 to 16 inches tall by 24 inches wide, makes them suitable for both garden beds and containers. Keep them deadheaded to encourage rebloom. Stella de Oro daylilies are easily divided.



Things You’ll Need
  • Pruners or scissors
  • Spade or shovel
  • 2 spading forks
  • Organic material
  • Balanced flower garden fertilizer
  • Mulch
    1. Stella de Oro daylilies are easy to divide.

      Water your Stella de Oro daylily the day before dividing. This makes the ground easier to dig and minimizes root damage.

    2. Cut leaves back to five to six inches with the pruners or scissors to compensate for root loss when the plants are dug.
    3. Prepare holes for the new divisions. Dig holes one-foot deep and two-feet wide. Space the holes 18 to 24 inches apart.
    4. Amend the soil with organic material, if necessary. Add fertilizer to the soil and mix well. Follow package directions carefully for the correct application rate.
    5. Create a 10-inch-high mound in the bottom of the planting hole.
    6. Dig the daylily you want to divide out of the soil with a spading fork.
    7. Renew the soil in the old planting spot by adding organic material and fertilizer. Mix well.
    8. Loosen soil from the plant roots with your fingers. Use a garden hose to wash away the rest.
    9. Insert two spading forks back-to-back through the center of the clump and push the handles away from each other. This untangles the roots with minimal damage. Ensure that there are two to three green, leafy shoots in each division you make. Repeat until you have as many divisions as desired.
    10. Place each division on top of the mound in a prepared planting hole, spreading the roots evenly over the mound. Adjust the height of the mound so that the crown of the plant is one inch below soil level.
    11. Cover the roots and crown with the prepared soil, making sure the crown of the plant sits firmly on the mound, with no air pocket underneath. Firm the soil with your hands. Water well to settle the soil.
    12. Mulch around the daylily to suppress weeds and conserve moisture. Mulch should be one to two inches thick. Keep the mulch one inch away from the plant.
    13. Water the newly planted daylily enough to keep the soil moist but not soggy. It takes six to eight weeks for the root system to recover.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don’t have two spading forks available for separating plant roots, gently tease the roots apart with your hands. If necessary, slice through the roots with a sharp knife.

  • You can divide the daylily into sections as small as two or three leaf fans. Small sections need more time to resume blooming than larger divisions.

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