Do Daylilies Need Full Sun or Partial Shade?


A perennial, the daylily (genus Hemerocallis) grows best in full sunlight but will tolerate partial shade. The best flower production is achieved with approximately six hours or more of sunlight per day, according to the University of Minnesota Extension.


  • Light flowering daylilies, especially pastel colors, have the best flower coloration when exposed to full sunlight. Daylilies achieve the most abundant flower production and the best foliage growth in full sunlight. Daylilies that produce dark flowers, such as burgundy shades, often suffer petal fading from the sunlight. Consider planting dark flowering daylilies in partial shade; while you will sacrifice prolific flowering, the plant will produce deep, dark flower shades.


  • Daylilies grow from 8 inches to approximately 5 feet in height, depending on the cultivar. If the daylily is planted in a shaded location it will often grow taller and more leggy. The flower heads will twist and contort to reach the sunlight, producing an overly long and weak stem as the flower attempts to reach the light.

Planting Requirements

  • Daylilies may produce 200 to 400 flowers per plant in an ideal growing location. The plant grows best in moist, slightly acidic soil. It can tolerate drought, once established. Daylilies can be planted in the fall or early spring.

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