Slugs on Daylilies


Daylilies (Hemerocallis spp.) grow well in the home garden with very few diseases or pests, according to Clemson University. Maintaining the plant’s overall health helps prevent most problems from occurring, but occasionally the plant’s foliage suffers attacks from slugs.


  • Slugs are most predominate during the spring months. The insects enjoy consuming the new growth of the daylily. During the day the slugs hide but come out during the cool night hours to feed.


  • The foliage of a daylily will have a notched, ragged appearance if slugs are present. Under a heavy slug infestation the strap-like leaves may have holes. Most damage occurs on the plant’s new growth but may also be on more established leaves.


  • During the warm, daylight hours the slugs enjoy hiding under mulch, leaves or rocks. Gardeners will notice no insects during the day. Remove all hiding places from around the daylily. Some slug baits can harm daylily plants so read the label closely if considering using one, according to the University of Minnesota.

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