My Daylilies Will Not Bloom and Have Hard Buds


Daylilies are generally one of the easiest perennials to grow. They are widely adaptable and vigorous growers. There are some conditions however, that do not favor good blossoming.

  1. Site Selection

    • Daylilies prefer a location in the full sun for optimal blooming.

      Daylilies may have trouble blooming if they are not in the correct site. For optimal blooming, they should be planted in full sun, in well-drained soil. If existing daylilies are not performing well, they can be transplanted to a better location.

    Nutrient Considerations

    • Too much fertilization of daylilies can promote foliage growth at the expense of flower production.

      Over-fertilization can favor foliage growth at the expense of the blooms. Under-fertilization can also impede blossoming of daylilies. An annual application of granular fertilizer in spring is generally sufficient to give daylilies the nutrients they need.


    • Remove spent flowers after they have bloomed to help ensure flower production for the following year.

      Lack of maintenance can also impede blossoming on daylilies. Spent blossoms and leaves should be cleaned off routinely. Allowing your daylilies to develop seeds will impede blossoming the following year.

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