How to Repot Dendrobium Orchids


Dendrobium orchids, also referred to as Orchidaceae, are found mainly throughout Asia and Australia. They are also a popular house plant. You should repot dendrobium orchids annually to ensure the health and longevity of the flower. With the proper potting materials, you can quickly repot your orchid and ensure that it will thrive and produce majestic blooms.

Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need
  • 2 Flower pots
  • Tree bark mulch
  • Water
    1. Grab the orchid by the base of its roots with one hand, and hold the base of its flower pot with the other.
    2. Gently pull up on the roots of the orchid while pulling down on the container to separate the orchid and its root system from the pot.
    3. Place the orchid upright on a flat surface. Shake off the planting material from the roots of the orchid.
    4. Spit the orchid plant into two separate pieces by carefully pulling apart the plant by the roots, avoiding splitting the stems of the plant. This encourages new growth.
    5. Fill two flower pots a third of the way full with tree bark. Place each orchid half into each pot. Pour more tree bark around the root system of the orchids until the bark reaches the base of the stems.
    6. Water the orchids at their roots so that the bark is moist to the touch.

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