What Are Mistine Dendrobium Orchids?


Mistine dendrobium orchids, one of the most popular varieties of orchids, posses the kind of delicate, exotic beauty that make them a perfect gift for Mother’s Day or a winning surprise for a significant other.


  • Mistine dendrobium orchids have long stems of light purple and white flowers that appear delicate but endure rather well compared to other orchid varieties.


  • Mistine dendrobium orchids are part of the Dendrobium genus of orchids, which is native to Australia and Asia.


  • Dendrobium orchids can tolerate temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees and they require high humidity to thrive. Treat them with fertilizer and water every two to three days.


  • Most mistine dendrobium orchids are imported from Thailand.


  • Mistine dendrobium orchids need to be moved to a new pot every one to two years.

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