How to Care for Dendrobium Orchids


The Dendrobium orchid is a species of Phalaenopsis. There are over one thousand different orchid species which belong to the Dendrobium genus. The dendrobium orchid grows upright branches and bright-colored flowers. It is easy to care for and lives long if properly fed and watered. Do not over-water your orchids, and try to avoid getting water on the leaves. If your orchid develops black spots, it might be sunburned; move it away from the window until the climate cools down.

Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need
  • Pot
  • Fine grade fir
  • Orchid mix
  • Sheer curtains / shutters
  • Orchid formulated fertilizer
    1. Plant your dendrobium orchid in a pot filled with a potting medium of ten parts of fine grade fir bark and one part of orchid mix purchased at any home and garden store.
    2. Place your dendrobium orchid in a pot located in a bright spot in your home. Do not place them outside in direct sunlight. If the orchid is on a window sill, use a sheer curtain to block out the harmful sun’s rays.
    3. Keep the nighttime temperature between 60 to 65 degrees F. The daytime temperature is ideal at 75 to 85 degrees F. Let the potting soil dry out between watering.
    4. Add fertilizer to the soil of your dendrobium orchid once a month. Purchase a fertilizer formulated for orchids and follow the label instructions. Do not over feed the orchids or you might burn the roots and hinder blooms.
    5. Encourage air movement around your dendrobium orchid to prevent mold from developing on the joints of the leafs. Open a window or set up a small fan–facing away from the plant. (Soap and water cleans mold off the flowers well.)

Tips & Warnings

  • Dendrobium orchids prefer up to 60 percent humidity. If conditions are dry, set up a humidifier or a humidity tray over moist stones.

  • Do not subject your dendrobium orchid to extreme weather conditions to prevent plant injury.

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