Dendrobium Orchid Colors

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  • The orchid is an Asian flower that runs the gamut between humble blossoms and extravagant blooms. Many have a distinctly exotic feel, and among the dendrobium orchids, this is especially true. Dendrobiums are a particular genera of orchid, with multiple species belonging under its classification. Of these, the color spectrum varies between mottled pinks and purples to pure white.

Pink Rock Orchid

  • The Dendrobium kingianum is the pinkest, purplest orchid you will find. Although it boasts white highlights, especially near the stamen, the rest of the blossom is marked by rippling patterns of pink and purple. Some strains veer off these primary colors and approach hues closer to red, while others are faded to an almost pure white. The redder variants contrast nicely with the orchid’s deep green leaves, though in some specimens the leaves have a purplish coloration, which contrasts better with white flowers.

The Enchanting Dendrobium

  • Dendrobium bellatulum blossoms dramatically contrast with their own coloration. While the outer ring of the flower is a pale yet rich white, the center is lush, blushing red. This contrasts with a mustard yellow lip that hangs from the core, lending the flower a fecund appearance, as though its stamen have swollen well beyond normal proportions.

Dendrobium loddigesii

  • The Dendrobium loddigesii sport the orchid’s favorite color: pink. Its petals are a pale lavender, though they are certainly not the centerpiece of this blossom. The middle of the Dendrobium loddigesii is crowned with a single funnel-like petal of pinks and yellows. Like the rest of the flower, the outer ring of the core petal is a pale lavender, while the center ring is a florid yellow, looking like an overabundance of pollen.

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