How Often Do Dendrobium Orchids Bloom?

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Dendrobiums are among the most common orchids in the commercial market, according to the New Jersey Orchid Society. This plant sprouts flower spikes with a spray of orchids in a wide range of colors and shapes, depending on the variety.

Description and Cultivars

  • Like most other orchids, the Dendrobium is an epiphyte that grows on trees in its native habitat of Southeast Asia to the Himalaya Mountains and India. Hundreds of hybrid species exist. Colors range from pink to bi-colored cream with magenta.

Caring for Dendrobiums

  • As an epiphyte, the Dendrobium prefers bark to potting soil. It needs bright light, but it must be indirect filtered sunlight and not direct sun. Humidity of 50 to 60 percent is best for Dendrobiums. Protect your Dendrobium from cold. It responds well to regular fertilizer during its active growing season, from spring through late summer.

Blooming Frequency

  • Many Dendrobium species begin to develop flower spikes in late winter to spring if they have been fertilized properly before that time. The resulting flowers are long-lived and can remain on the plant for eight to 10 weeks before wilting and dropping. Expect the Dendrobium orchid to bloom from spring through late summer every year, with a dormant period in winter.

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