Dendrobium Orchid Species


Dendrobium orchids are generally easier to care for than other types of orchids. Dendrobiums come in many species, which have several different color varieties and can require slightly different growth environments.


  • In general, dendrobiums have long stems. They usually produce one to five white, lavender or multicolored flowers per node. Dendrobiums like lots of bright sunlight, but direct afternoon sun can damage them.

Time Frame

  • Most dendrobiums produce flowers that last for three to four weeks. Some dendrobium flowers may only last for a few days. The plants usually flower during cool seasons, like late fall, winter or early spring.


  • The American Orchid Society identifies two groups of dendrobiums based on temperature requirements. One group grows best with a winter dormancy period and cool winter nights with temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while the other grows best with nighttime winter temperatures closer to 55 degrees. The first group includes dendrobium chrysanthemum, dendrobium friedricksianum, dendrobium nobile and dendrobium wardianum varieties; the second group includes aureum, dendrobium anosmum, dendrobium crassinode, dendrobium falconeri and dendrobium heterocarpum species.

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