chemicals supplier

Please allow me to have a brief introduction.We are Tinajin Everbright Chemical Co.Ltd,a leading supplier of raw chemical materials in China for years,professional in producing and providing raw chemical materials for our customers.We strictly produce and provide the products according to customers’ requirements .We promise our best services for our customers within our ability and will improve ourselves continuously.

Knowing that your esteemed company does business related to chemicals,here are our main products for your reference:

STPP                                Sodium Hexametaphosphate          Caustic Soda                          Zinc Oxide                     Sulphur Black

Iron oxide                    Chromiumoxide green                    Sodium Hydroxide                Titanium Dioxide             SLES

Lithophone                  Calcium Hypochlorite                    Stearic Acid                         Aluminum  Powder         Soda Ash

Formic acid                 Glacial Acetic Acid                           Sodium Formate                    Barium Phosphate         CMC

Chrome Green             Basic Chromium Sulphate              Coppersulphate                   Calcium chloride           Oxalic acid

Zinc sulphate               Sodium metabissulfite                    Carbon Black

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