How to Care for Gerbera Daisy Plants


Gerbera daisies are also known as African daisies. There are approximately thirty different varieties of gerbera daisies. These daisies are perennial plants that grow easily in the warmer growing zones. In colder zones, gerbera daisies can be grown as annual plants. Gerbera daisies prefer full sun or partial shade locations to present their colorful summer garden show. With minimal gardening care, a home gardener will have success growing gerbera daisies either to adorn a flower bed or to cut for beautiful and lasting indoor flower arrangements.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • Gerbera daisies
  • Garden shears
  • Fertilizer
  • Water
    • Choose a sunny location for gerbera daisies. While they will grow in part shade, they will produce more blooms if they are growing in full sun.
    • Provide rich soil that drains well for best results. If soil contains a high percentage of clay, add compost to the soil to create a soil that will drain more effectively so the gerbera daisies do not sit in wet soil.
    • Make sure that the gerbera daisies are planted so that the crowns of the plants are slightly above the soil line to prevent rot and decay. The crown is the point on a plant where the stem joins the roots.
    • Fertilize gerbera daisies every two weeks with a general all-purpose water soluble fertilizer.
    • Water gerbera daisies regularly to make sure that their soil stays evenly moist while they are blooming. After they have finished blooming for the season, allow them to dry out slightly.
    • Remove dead blooms with garden shears to encourage the gerbera daisies to continue to bloom for as long as possible.

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