Purple Coneflower Identification


The purple coneflower will grow in fields and along roadsides from New England as far south as Georgia and into the Midwest. This wildflower is one that gardeners have cultivated for use on their grounds and the plant has medicinal properties as well.


  • The purple coneflower can grow as tall as 4 feet but most are about 2 feet high. The center of the flower is up to 3 inches in diameter and the petals, or rays, are between half an inch and 1.5 inches long.


  • The center of the flower is a brown-purple combination but the petals range from lavender to a magenta shade.


  • The leaves at the base of a purple coneflower feel rough to the touch and are larger than those higher up on the plant. The lower leaves have sharply serrated teeth; those on the upper stem are not as obviously serrated.


  • The petals of a purple coneflower droop towards the ground as if burdened by their own weight and possess a noticeable notch at their ends.


  • The stem of this flower is typically erect, giving the purple coneflower a straight posture as it grows in a field. They are slightly hairy as well.

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