How to Dye a Coneflower


Coneflowers are daisy-like flowers with long, narrow petals and a center that protrudes out from the center, creating a cone shape. Coneflowers come in a variety of beautiful colors from purple and yellow to dark pink and orange. If they don’t come in a color you are want, you might consider dyeing the flowers once they are cut, so they will match your decor.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • Scissors
  • Food coloring
  • Water
  • Vase or container
    • Cut fresh white or light-colored coneflowers from your garden or purchase them at a florist shop. Make sure store-bought flowers are healthy and not wilting. Cut them from the garden with pruning snips or scissors.
    • Select a vase that you want to use for your display. Determine the height that you want your flowers to be in the vase by setting some inside to see if they are too tall. Set the vase aside for later.
    • Cut the coneflowers to the length you want, using a pair of scissors. Cut at an angle.
    • Fill tall glasses with small amounts of water. Add food coloring to the cups. Use each cup for a different color. The more food coloring you use the deeper the color the flower will turn.
    • Select a flower and put it in one of the cups. Hold it in place or prop it so that it doesn’t fall over, and wait for the color to make its way to the petals. This doesn’t take long. The longer you hold the flower in the colored water the more the petals will color. For coloring just around the edges of the petals, pull the coneflowers out as soon as you see the petals start to turn. Do this for each flower.
    • Put the flowers in the vase once you have finished coloring them and add plain water to sustain them.

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