White Coneflower Care


Also known as the White Swan Echinacea, white coneflowers add beauty and vitality to any garden. Know how to care for your white coneflowers to make them blossom abundantly.


  • White coneflowers grow best when planted deeply in well-drained soil. Plant in a sunny to partly shaded area.


  • Each spring, apply a thin layer of compost across the flower bed. Add a 2-inch layer of mulch over the compost, trapping moisture in the soil, and limiting the growth of harmful weeds.


  • During summer months, water white coneflowers if your geographical region receives less than 1 inch of rainfall each week. Avoid watering during rainy weather because coneflowers blossom poorly in water-logged soil.


  • Although coneflowers require very little maintenance, you should still trim stems from the plant to keep it growing upward rather than tilting from excess weight. Cutting stems promotes flowering while decreasing self-seeding.

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