Can Clematis Vines Be Transplanted During the Fall?


Clematis are a hardy perennial that come in a wide variety of flower colors and sizes, as well as bloom times. In recent years, the popularity of this plant has increased due to the wide variety available. If the plant is dormant, it can be transplanted when necessary.


  • Clematis are members of the buttercup (Ranunculaceae) family.

When to Transplant

  • Clematis need to be transplanted when the plant is dormant. Late fall or late winter (even early spring if new growth has not begun) are the best times for the task.

Prepare The New Location

  • Choose your new location. Dig the hole large to cover the full root ball (about 12 inches in diameter). Add a layer of compost or manure, and a handful of bone meal.

Prepare the Plant

  • Trim the plant back to 12 to 18 inches. Dig a root ball at least 12 inches in diameter. As much of the root system as possible should be taken to minimize the trauma of the move.

Final Steps

  • Plant the clematis 2 to 4 inches lower than the original planting. Fill in with high quality soil or compost. Keep well watered until roots are well established.

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