How to Identify and Care for an Abundance Clematis


The Abundance Clematis (Clematis) is a deciduous plant. It thrives in zones 5 to 9 and has an AHS Heat Zone of group 3. The cultivar is Abundance, and it belongs in the Ranunculaceae family. It is a low-maintenance plant that grows best in partial sun to sun and should be panted in a sandy loam to loam mix with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5.

Moderately Easy


    • Identify the Abundance Clematis by its climbing vines. It can get as high as 10 feet tall. The leaves are small to medium in size and are a pale green in color and range from ¾ inch to 6 inches in length. The flashy flowers may be pink or red and are long lasting. They are about 2 ½ inches wide and bloom from summer to late fall.
    • Make sure you choose a good spot for this climber. If you choose to plant it next to a wall, be sure it gets the proper amount of sun. There should be room for this pant to grow, as it will grow up to the sun. You should choose a spot where you can either manage its height with pruning or where you can reach it (such as a hillside) when it gets high.
    • Keep the soil around this plant moist by deeply watering at least an inch every week. It is better to water deeply, making sure you get the deeper roots, rather than watering shallow. Shallow watering makes a weak plant as the roots are not encouraged to grow deep into the ground.
    • Fertilize the Abundance Clematis with a phosphorus fertilizer when young. Phosphorus encourages root growth. Once the plant has established itself, it can be fertilized with a water-soluble, quick-release fertilizer or an organic fertilizer such as fish emulsion. If you are using a water-soluble fertilizer, you can generally fertilize every two weeks, but you should read the instructions. For organic fertilizers always read the instructions, as different brands may contain different amounts of nutrients.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you use ties, be sure to use flexible ties or strips of pantyhose, as the Abundance Clematis will easily outgrow the ties.

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