How to Start Clematis From Cuttings


Climbing vines add a sense of height, color and, sometimes, shade to the garden. They can also act as a signal to wandering bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Clematis, a flowering vine, can grow from 6 to 30 feet in length, depending upon variety. Although the U.S, Department of Agriculture lists clematis as hardy to zones 5 to 9, the American Clematis Society claims that it can be grown from zones 4 to 11, with extra care given in cold climates. Wherever you plan to grow your clematis, it is easy to start it from cuttings taken in May or June.



things you’ll need:
  • Sand
  • Peat moss
  • Planting pot
  • Pruning shears
  • Rooting hormone
  • Plastic bag
  • Heat mat
    1. Combine 2 parts sand with 1 part peat moss, and add the mixture to a planting pot, to within 1/4 inch of the rim. Water the mixture until it is saturated, and set it aside to drain completely.
    2. Choose a clematis shoot from the current season’s growth. It should be green but hard enough to snap when bent. Cut a 6-inch length from the vine, and keep it out of direct sunlight.
    3. Remove any foliage from the lower third of the cutting, dip the end into the rooting hormone, and stick it into a hole in the planting medium.
    4. Place the pot inside a plastic bag and seal it. Place the bag on a heat mat set to 70 degrees Fahrenheit in a bright area that does not receive direct sun. The cutting should root within four weeks to three months, depending upon variety. You will know it has rooted when it produces new growth or a gentle tug on the cutting meets with resistance. Remove the pot from the heat mat and the bag at this time.
    5. Plant the cutting in the garden if it has rooted by early August. If it roots later than this, grow it indoors, keeping the soil moist, until after the last frost in spring.

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