How to Propagate Clematis Armandii


The Clematis armandii plant is native to China and grows in a vine form that can reach up to 20 feet high at maturity. The plant is an evergreen that grows in only the southern portions of the United States and produces fragrant white flowers in the winter months. Propagating Clematis armandii plants is most often accomplished by cutting off part of the vine and planting it until it develops a root system.



things you’ll need:
  • Hand pruners
  • 4- to 5-inch diameter plant pot
  • Potting compost
  • Rooting hormone
  • Plastic bag
    1. Wait until June and look for a stem on an existing Clematis armandii plant that is a brighter green than the other stems, which indicates new growth.
    2. Cut the stem off 2 inches below a set of leaves using sharp hand pruners.
    3. Look at the end of the cutting and trace it back to the first set of leaves from the tip. Cut the stem off just below the leaves using the hand pruners. If the stem splits into a "Y" shape above the main stem, choose one side to keep and cut the other side off at the top of the main stem.
    4. Pull off all but the top two leaves to reduce the amount of water that is lost during propagation.
    5. Fill a 4- to 5-inch diameter plant pot 3/4 full of potting compost. Water the compost until it is wet all the way to the bottom of the pot.
    6. Stick the end of the Clematis armandii cutting into rooting hormone powder.
    7. Create a hole in the center of the pot that stops 1 inch from the bottom. Insert the cutting all the way into the bottom of the hole so that only the top leaves are above the soil. Push the soil up around the cutting to hold it in place.
    8. Cover the pot with a plastic bag and place it near a window that receives bright light but not direct sun. Watch for new leaf development, which means the vine has developed roots, and then remove the bag.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep the soil moist, but not soggy, until the Clematis armandii is one year old and then transplant it outdoors in the spring.

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