Root System of Clematis


Clematis is a flowering vine with a wide range of varieties, but it also comes in other forms. It is commonly used for landscaping purposes in gardens and around walls, trees and other structures. Proper care of the clematis root system is essential to the health of the plant.


  • Clematis plants have a wide, fibrous root system consisting of many small roots. The root system is very absorbent and easily damaged.


  • Care must be taken when transplanting clematis. If you are planting a container-grown plant, be sure to dig a hole that is more than large enough to accommodate the root system. Plant in early fall to allow the roots to establish before winter.


  • Clematis roots need to be kept cool and moist. The plants do best in full sun or partial shade with rich, moist and well-drained soil with as close as possible to a neutral pH.

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