How to Hang Clematis


Clematis climbs in a different manner than many other vines, so special considerations are needed for attachment. The leaf petioles twist around available supports, giving the plant an anchor point to continue upward growth. This method of attachment means that if the diameter of the support structure is too large, the leaf cannot wrap around it. Fortunately, you can modify the trellis to enable the clematis plant to climb and flower.



things you’ll need:
  • Basic support framework (trellis, arbor, fence)
  • Monofilament fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Plant ties
    1. Attach the fishing line to one top corner of the trellis. You can tie the line directly to the trellis, or for wood or plastic supports, you can use nails, hooks or staples to tie to.
    2. Stretch the fishing line to the bottom of the trellis and cut the line with scissors about 1 foot beyond that point.
    3. Tie a knot in the line every 12 inches from the top of the trellis to the base. This will keep the vines from sliding down the line as they grow.
    4. Attach the line to the base of the trellis by the same methods listed in step one.
    5. Repeat steps one through four on the opposite side of the trellis.
    6. Run additional lines 12 inches apart between the two top corners, repeating steps one through four for each line. You now have plenty of spots for the clematis to hang on to as it grows.
    7. Trim off any excess fishing line hanging below the bottom of the trellis with scissors.
    8. Tie the clematis vine to the support structure using the plant ties. As new growth emerges, it will wrap around the fishing line and climb upward.

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