How to Prune a Snow Queen Clematis

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Snow Queen clematis is named not only for its delicate, snowflake-shaped, white blooms, but also because it can begin to show flowers very early in spring. For this reason, you should prune your Snow Queen at the end of winter, before it begins to bloom, to ensure the healthiest plant possible. Clematis is a climbing vine, often also called a bush because of the bushy, thick shape it can take. Clematis left to grow wild can quickly die out, so prune your Snow Queen clematis properly to prolong its life.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:
  • Pruning shears
  • Disinfectant
  • Cloth
    1. Snip away dead vines and vines that are bruised or otherwise injured. Lift the vines with your fingers; if they feel too light or hollow, they are dead. Damaged vines will have visible marring.
    2. Remove the necessary vines where they join the bush at their base, using sharp pruning shears. Dip the pruning shears into disinfectant between cuts to prevent spreading underlying diseases or pests. Wipe the blades dry with a soft cloth.
    3. Cut off any vines that are undersized or withered. They are too weak to blossom but will steal resources from the bush. Thin out vines in places where the growth is too thick and remove vines that have become tangled.
    4. Deadhead the clematis after blooming is complete. Pinch off shriveled blossoms at their source. Trim away several inches from each primary branch of the clematis for new offshoot in the spring.

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