Advice for Transplanting Clematis


Clematis is a spectacular blooming vine that will add pizazz to your garden for much of the summer. For best results, transplant clematis before new growth appears in late winter or early spring.

Water First

  • Water the clematis a day or two before the transplant day. Wet soil will ensure that the roots are hydrated and can better withstand the stress of transplantation. Wet soil will also cling and protect the roots when you dig up the plant.

Dig Carefully

  • Dig straight down about 12 inches, then tilt the shovel and dig under the plant. Dig in a circle at least 8 inches from the plant to avoid damaging the roots. Pry the clematis from the soil carefully, leaving the soil clump around the roots.


  • Plant the clematis in a sunny spot and well-drained soil. Keep the roots cool by shading them with creeping phlox, hostas or other low-growing plants. Although your clematis requires at least six to eight hours of sunlight per day, the plant also prefers cool, shaded roots.

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