Insects & Pests on Clematis


Clematis plants make up a group of long-living, mostly woody climbing plants. These vines are very hardy and many may live up to 25 years, according to the Ohio State University Extension. Keeping pests away from clematis vines helps them thrive.

Common Pests

  • Several common pests may feed upon clematis vines, including aphids, slugs, deer, mice and rabbits.


  • Aphids most commonly feed on the foliage of new growth on clematis vines, while slugs dine upon the shoots of the plant. Deer, mice and rabbits eat the vines, flowers and leaves. However, damage is generally minor, according to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.


  • If rabbits and deer become a problem, wrap young clematis in wire cages until the vines grow larger. Aphid control is more difficult, although keeping the area around the clematis free of weeds is helpful. For chemical controls, contact the local agricultural extension office for recommended insecticides. Remove rocks, overturned pots or other areas where slugs may hide in the garden. Sprinkle salt on any visible slugs and apply diatomaceous earth to the garden to prevent garden slugs

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