What Is Wild Clematis?


Wild clematis, a climbing vine plant belonging to the Buttercup family, exists in more than 300 species. Gardeners enjoy the brilliant beauty of the plant, although it is a highly invasive species, which also grows in the wild without restraint.


  • Wild clematis consists of a woody evergreen vine with an alternating growth of leaves and flowers. The colors vary on the flowers, which contain four to eight petal parts. Left alone, wild clematis grows into a treelike canopy by the leaves wrapping around any nearby support structure.


  • Wild clematis prefers cool soil with mulch covering the root base in a garden. They can suffer from a disease called clematis wilt, which is caused by a fungus. Prune affected stems 2 inches below the origin of infection.

Fun Fact

  • A German legend states Mary and the baby Jesus traveled under a shelter of clematis on their way to Egypt.


  • All species of clematis, including wild clematis, contain harmful toxins. Children or pets that inadvertently eat them experience severe mouth pain.

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